Surekha They had their home here Digital photographs:  (Site: Seshadripuram, Bangalore)

These photo images depict sites that (a) were once homes and (b) now, are reminiscence of a dwellings. The homes got demolished by the corporation to build a high tech mall. Each of which is a juxtaposition of prototype of the line drawing of a home upon various homes that were demolished. In other words The abodes are de-construed/deconstructed into fragments as objects that adore the four walls and complete the effect of being a residence. All the objects tell stories, while the juxtaposed drawing of a home on each one of them left as a suggestion. The drawn house structure intends to promise a home for them, although in the viewers’ mind. It’s a construal of metaphoric homes based on the true images of dilapidated structures and an artistic desire to reinvent them. These dilapidated structures brings back to memory a certain order of things, Art and history, home and ruins, nation and migration which are all part of social phenomena .